Creede Newton is an independent journalist based in Haifa, Israel. His reporting focuses on art, culture, free speech and human rights issues in Europe and the Middle East. Follow him on Twitter @creedenewton


Security guards at Milo’s anti-Islam, pro-Orban speech in Budapest left media bruised and battered, but the self-proclaimed ‘free speech icon’ couldn’t care less.


They may not be the migrants that candidates are referring to this election cycle, but a steady number of families whose children have chronic health issues are moving to Colorado to take advantage of legalized pot.


The fractured drug cartels hit high and low. In Acapulco these days, they’re even knocking off taxi drivers who don’t pay up, or who work for rival gangs.

The Leaning Tower

A massive earthquake in April, plus more than 1,700 aftershocks, has rattled Ecuador’s psyche. Lessons for those who live on fault lines in the United States.