D.W. Gibson is the author of Not Working. He has been published in The New York Observer, BOMB, New York Times's T Magazine, Tin House, and The Caravan, among other publications. He worked on documentaries for the A&E Television Network and MSNBC. His credits include The Hate Network and Inside Alcoholics Anonymous. Visit the website Not Working.

In a Word

To mark a holiday whose meaning is often obscured, writer D.W. Gibson asked the unemployed what the word ‘labor’ means to them.

Hard Times

Joblessness is not a number. We know unemployment is at 8.2 percent, but who are the Americans out of jobs? How bad is it? Writer and documentary filmmaker D.W. Gibson spent the summer and fall of 2011 journeying across the U.S. to talk to people who have lost their jobs. The result is the new book Not Working, published by OR Books.