Dana Goldstein is a fellow at the New America Foundation and The Nation Institute, and a former associate editor at The Daily Beast. Her writing on politics, women's issues, and education has also appeared in The American Prospect, The Nation, The New Republic, BusinessWeek, and Slate. You can follow her work at danagoldstein.net.

The Masculine Mystique

Poor urban dads are reversing gender roles in caring for their children, but not being providers. Dana Goldstein on why that’s not quite enough.

In Michael Brick’s new book, ‘Saving the School,’ the author follows a group of educators trying to turn around a failing Texas high school, and shows that to overcome poverty, teachers must do more than just teach. By Dana Goldstein.

The education reform superstar presided over substantial test score irregularities during her term as D.C. schools chancellor, an investigation has found—but Dana Goldstein says the findings are no surprise.

The founder of Teach for America Wendy Kopp speaks with Dana Goldstein about her new book, A Chance to Make History, defends the organization's record—and says she’d love to run NYC's schools.

As Obama seeks to tighten federal control over local schools and boost accountability, he faces a tough battle with incoming GOP lawmakers, who advocate "parental rights" and tax credits for home schooling.

George W. was more committed to the GOP than Obama’s been to his base. It’s time for the president to stop appeasing everyone—or health-care reform will become watered down and unrecognizable.