Daniel Genis is the author of the novel Narcotica, as well as many translations from the Russian. He began his career with a rather classical education, and finished it off with a decade in prison. These days he is concentrating on reconciling the subtleties of the Brooklyn scene with the requirements of parole. Please contact Daniel Genis at genis5000@gmail.com.

Cruel and Unusual

I read 1,046 books in my decade behind bars, one of the last cultures where libraries are still cherished. Now, a nasty new policy will ensure that inmates read less.

Cross Cultures

A skinny white kid from Pittsburgh has created one of the defining histories of hip-hop in the form of a graphic novel that brings together rappers and comic nerds.

Worldwide Sport

From its origins in east Asia to Flushing Meadows Queens, Dragon Boat races have gone global and corporate, pulling in all types from traders to triads.