David Kaufman is a New York–based writer who regularly contributes to publications such as Monocle, Time, the Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Mixed Messages

When the CNN host said African-Americans need to hike up their pants and finish school, he had a point, writes David Kaufman. Too bad he’s the wrong messenger.

Don’t Cry

Its economy might be in the tanks, but the country known for Evita and giant steaks is exporting some pretty impressive goods these days, writes David Kaufman.

Sixty years after Israel’s founding, its citizens still lack an official Israeli identity; instead of being recognized on their ID cards as Israelis, most are registered as “Jewish” or “Arab.” David Kaufman on the court case that could change that—and what it means for the country’s future.

The famous French chef is partnering with W Hotels to open a super-luxe restaurant on a tiny island with more horses than people. Could the venture spark a Vieques gold rush?

Eugenio López Alonso talks to The Daily Beast about his Colección Jumex, the largest private contemporary-art collection in Latin America, now on exhibit in Miami. VIEW OUR GALLERY

Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Orlando Bloom, and other A-listers spent Thanksgiving in Marrakech for the re-opening of the legendary La Mamounia hotel. VIEW OUR GALLERY

Doctors are quietly giving AIDS drugs to people who like unprotected sex. They say the pills can prevent HIV, and now some activists are scared—that it actually works.