David Levesley is a Columbia Journalism School graduate who writes about culture and cultures. David is also an award-winning playwright, librettist and actor and has produced award-winning plays across his native Britain. David has previously contributed to The Sunday Times, Mic, Aesthetica, and The Washington Jewish Week. His work has been referenced by Salon, MTV, HuffPo, Storify and Bustle.


A former RentBoy.com advertiser says the website provided a safe and consensual context for escorts to meet clients. Now the LGBT community’s support is needed to fight the authorities.

Trade School

‘Rent U’ offers seminars in sexual health education, financial and legal advice, and building your brand—and getting the best tips from other sex workers.


If you’ve only heard about ‘Ghost in the Shell’ because of ScarJo—and accusations of ‘whitewashing’ the story—there’s so much more to the transcendent sci-fi manga franchise.

Sugar & Spice

London’s Cereal Killer is only in its first week, but criticism is already pouring in against the hipster-priced cafe in a poor area. But a visit is worth it for the nostalgia.


The Turner Prize was more sedate than usual this year. Has the award that’s known for supporting shocking and innovative art, like Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, become too grown up?


As fantasy shows like Doctor Who and The Legend of Korra tackle issues like abortion and consent, a question emerges: Is this the golden age of feminist science-fiction television?