Dayo Olopade previously served as a political reporter for The Daily Beast.

Maria Otero, the State Department’s highest ranking Latina, walks a fine line, leading the charge for global freedom while defending the U.S. abroad. By Dayo Olopade.

The release of the WikiLeaks cables sent Hillary Clinton's team scrambling to do damage control. Dayo Olopade talks to State Dept. officials about their efforts to step up cybersecurity.

Despite the stalled Middle East peace process, Israelis and Palestinians are finding common cause. Dayo Olopade reports from Jerusalem on the new prizewinning documentary Budrus.

The former Secretary of State fired up her book tour this week at a spirited dinner hosted by The Daily Beast and Credit Suisse. Dayo Olopade on her surprising take on the Tea Party, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Rhee.

Support for the Democrats among voters under 30 has plummeted since 2008. Dayo Olopade on the rappers, iPad apps and other frantic efforts to get the kids back in the game by Election Day.

Just up the road from the sonorous U.N. General Assembly, the former president's Global Initiative—rife with deal-making power players—could one day eclipse the older institution.

Obama’s star turn on The View helped remind us how calming the president can be. But he muffed the chance to tell the country where he’s leading us.

As Obama’s budget chief heads for the exits, he spoke to Dayo Olopade about why a bigger stimulus was politically impossible—and the administration’s plans for the Bush tax cuts.