Investigative journalist and syndicated columnist Diane Dimond has covered all manner of celebrity and pop-culture stories. Her latest book is Cirque Du Salahi, which uncovered the full story behind Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the so-called White House gatecrashers. Dimond has written extensively about the John Edwards sex scandal for The Daily Beast, and she first broke the news that King of Pop Michael Jackson was under investigation for child molestation. She is the author of the book Be Careful Who You Love—Inside the Michael Jackson Case. She lives in New York with her husband, broadcast journalist Michael Schoen.

His abuse allegations brought the King of Pop to court. Last week, he wed in front of the prosecutor, his mom—now named Janet Jackson—and a DJ who unknowingly spun an MJ tune.


The university has agreed pay out $60 million to 26 men to settle sexual abuse claims against Jerry Sandusky. But it’s not over. Diane Dimond reports on the new cases waiting to drop.


There will be no billion-dollar payout for Michael Jackson’s mother in the death of her son. Diane Dimond reports.

Jackson Saga

Michael Jackson spent some $34 million to buy silence from alleged abuse victims, according to a British paper.


John Ziegler is steamed that Today didn’t give his Penn State theories a fair shake, focusing only on the coach—and the network is getting flak for having him on at all. By Diane Dimond.