Dilip D’Souza is the winner of the Newsweek/Daily Beast–Open Hands Prize for Commentary in South Asia and the author of, most recently, Roadrunner: An Indian Quest in America and The Curious Case of Binayak Sen.

Indians seem to want the perpetrators of the violent gang-rape of a women to be sentenced to death this Friday. But, Dilip D’Souza asks, what will that solve?

Over 20 kids were killed after eating a poisoned school lunch that’s served for the right reasons but with little thought or care. Dilip D’Souza on why India needs to get thoughtful and innovative.


This week’s gang rape of an American woman traveling in India is the latest in a series of high profile attacks that are scaring off visitors. Dilip D’Souza on why India’s honor is at stake—and why extra caution is needed in the country.


If you live in a building in Mumbai, there’s a chance it will collapse from shoddy construction or be knocked down by the government for being illegal. Dilip D’Souza on the perils of finding a safe roof in his home city.


When Dilip D’Souza took a group of kids on a school trip, many of them fell mysteriously and aggressively ill, but it seems it was all in their minds. He investigates this phenomenon.

Law and Order

If a sometime bus driver turned rapist from the slums of Delhi dies in jail, does India rejoice? By Dilip D’Souza.

A surrendered militant was executed in India last week, but serious doubts remain about his guilt. Dilip D’Souza on how India is going soft on terrorism.