Dirk Johnson is former Chicago bureau chief for Newsweek and The New York Times.

As Gov. Walker escalates his budget showdown with unions, he's got help from the Fitzgerald family, which runs both houses of the legislature and, lately, the state troopers. Dirk Johnson reports.

The Illinois Supreme Court shot down the residency challenge that dogged him. But there are still a few hurdles in Rahm Emanuel’s path to becoming Chicago’s next mayor.

Obama’s enforcer was tossed off the ballot in Chicago’s mayor race over a residency issue. Dirk Johnson on the real winners—including an alderman rooting for a weak mayor.

Rep. Danny Davis’s exit from the mayor’s race leaves one black candidate in Rahm Emanuel’s way. Dirk Johnson on the black community’s worries and the ghosts of campaigns past.

With city officials affirming his residency, Rahm Emanuel comes one step closer to becoming Chicago’s next mayor. Can he finish the campaign without showing his salty side?

The GOP’s chances for Senate control might hinge on Mark Kirk, a rarity who proudly wears the centrist label. Dirk Johnson on the last Illinois Senate debate—and Obama’s bid to salvage his seat.

The betting in Chicago is that Rahm Emanuel may get the incumbent’s backing in the race for mayor. But Richard Daley’s machine isn’t what it used to be.

If Rahm Emanuel's newly-launched campaign for Chicago's mayorship fails, it won't be because of carpetbagging or his foul mouth. Dirk Johnson on the popular sheriff in Rahm's way.

At the age of 13, Dean Weismuller was one of the 200 deaf boys who faced unspeakable abuse by Father Murphy in Wisconsin. He tells Dirk Johnson what happened.