Edward Platt is an award-winning writer and journalist who lives in London


Before she died, she was hailed as England’s greatest living writer, but she had a hard road getting there—at one point she even lived on a freezing, leaky barge.

Life Studies

If you had one year to live, how would you spend it? That’s a question most of us wouldn’t know how to answer but for one British publisher and translator it was easy: to translate Tolstoy’s great story about a dying man, “The Death of Ivan Illyich.”


One of the greatest travel books ever published, the late Patrick Leigh Fermor’s two-volumes of his walk across Europe in the 1930s, is finally finished.

Off the Beaten Path

The hideout of a beloved fictional hero inspired two great travel writers to the hunt. By Edward Platt.

From helping identify Ebola to leading the charge against AIDS, Peter Piot has been on the pandemic frontlines.