Elise Jordan is writer and political commentator. She served as a director for communications in the National Security Council from 2008-09 and was a speechwriter for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.


Four years and billions of dollars since the devastating earthquake, the impoverished nation stands no better equipped to improve itself. How a new local model might work better.


As women turn away from the GOP, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz join Kirsten Gillibrand’s crusade against military sexual assault.

Kimberly Motley is now one of the most respected lawyers in Kabul, who works to release foreigners languishing in Afghan jails. Elise Jordan meets the former Mrs. Wisconsin.

Karen Woo, a young English doctor, had dedicated her life to help others. Last week, she was killed, execution-style, in a remote area of Afghanistan.

Even as Obama and Karzai were smiling in the United States, Afghan security forces were raiding restaurants serving alcohol to foreigners. Elise Jordan on the war on Western culture in Kabul.

As the Afghan president meets Obama this week, his scandal-tarred brother Ahmed tells Elise Jordan he's no warlord, how he can help bring peace, and why he's "the Nancy Pelosi of Kandahar."

On the sixth anniversary of the capture of Saddam Hussein, Dr. Mark Green, on scene at the "spider hole," recalls an historic confrontation.