Elizabeth Gates is a style correspondent for The Daily Beast. She is a graduate of The New School University and a former intern at Vogue magazine.

Waking up to a pounding headache after a bachelorette party, The Daily Beast’s Elizabeth Gates chalked it up to the revelry. Then she found she couldn’t speak. Three months later, she writes about having a major stroke at an unthinkably young age.

Everyone's thinking it but no one wants to talk about it: Is Tiger Woods into white women? More taboo than that is the fact that even in this day and age, some of us secretly care.

Reporting on its Broadway debut, Elizabeth Gates says Race, the latest play by Pulitzer Prize winner David Mamet, could not be more relevant to Obama-era questions of racial intolerance.

Lincoln University is refusing to give diplomas to two dozen obese students who ditched a health class. Elizabeth Gates on why the black community is ignoring a more critical issue.

This week the historically black college banned crossdressing. Elizabeth Gates on why the decision disgraces a school that once groomed iconoclasts like Spike Lee and Martin Luther King.

The French Vogue blackface brouhaha is nothing new. The Daily Beast’s Elizabeth Gates on Michelle Obama, Anna Wintour and fashion’s long history of horrible race-relations.

With Chris Rock's new documentary in theaters tomorrow, The Daily Beast's Elizabeth Gates looks back on her own hair struggles, from "bushy afro" to "comb through" to au naturel.

This year’s Fall shows mark the beginning of the end for the legendary tents that have long been the home of New York’s Fashion Week. The Daily Beast recalls the glamour and chaos of the last 16 years.

Kenley Collins, America’s favorite infamous cat-hurling designer, talks about her debut collection at Fashion Week, her next reality show, and what she learned behind bars.