A longtime contributor to Esquire, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times, Elizabeth Kaye is the author of the best selling Byliner Original, Life Boat No. 8. She wrote Mid-Life: Notes from the Halfway Mark and Ain’t No Tomorrow: Kobe, Shaq, and the Making of a Lakers Dynasty, as well as the Byliner Original Sleeping with Famous Men.

Close Encounter

Juan Romero reached out instinctively to help a dying Robert Kennedy after he was fatally shot in Los Angeles. His split-second decision haunted him for years.


As the first famous missus of The Donald, she was walking, talking zeitgeist arm-candy. Then she got dumped and transformed herself into every scorned woman’s avatar.


The Countess of Rothes was one of the wealthiest passengers aboard the doomed ship—and also one of its bravest. Elizabeth Kaye, author of the bestseller Lifeboat No. 8, recounts her dramatic story of survival.

Mimi Alford’s affair with President Kennedy shocked many, but would other women in her place have refused the thrill? Elizabeth Kaye writes about her guilt-free affairs.