Elizabeth Wurtzel is author of Prozac Nation, Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women, and More, Now, Again. She has been popular music critic for the New Yorker and New York magazine, and the film reviewer for Nerve.

Rolling Stone

One of the most talented entertainers of our time is also one of the most elusive. Elizabeth Wurtzel on why we can never really know Bob Dylan—and why we don't need to.

No Obit

On hearing of his passing Sunday at 71, Elizabeth Wurtzel reflects on his checkered career—and undying legend.


Television’s new female archetype is single-minded but manic, and the leader of the pack is Homeland’s Claire Danes. Elizabeth Wurtzel on why that’s a problem.

California’s gay marriage court fight seemed a landmark-in-waiting until a surprising turn this past week. Elizabeth Wurtzel on the inside dynamics that may halt the case before it reaches the Supreme Court.

Michael Bloomberg's lofty defense of that so-called Ground Zero mosque, which won de facto approval yesterday, missed a larger point: It's good strategy.