Emma Garman is a book critic and essayist in London.


One of the most famous literary gatherings ever is vividly brought to life in a new book about the man who invented the modern vampire and was spurned by Byron.

Under Siege

Under attack from a terror assault in Mumbia’s fanciest hotel on November 26, 2008, India failed to respond with speed, coordination, or proper investigation reports a thrilling new book about those terrifying days.

Double Agent

A new book examines the often cozy, sometimes fraught relationship between British and American spies.

Most Likely To

She’s widely mocked and reviled in the British press, but columnist and magazine editor Liz Jones is unstoppable, funny, and surprisingly poignant in her new memoir, Girl Least Likely To. Emma Garman on the perils of perfectionism.

License to Kill

Christine Granville was a Polish beauty queen who became one of Britain’s most valuable spies. Emma Garman on her tragic death.

The Friendly Skies

Back in the 1960s at airports there were no scanners, body pat-downs or other security measures, but there were hijackers, hundreds of them. Emma Garman on The Skies Belong to Us, Brendan Koerner’s wild flight into those crazy days—and one couple’s ride from Los Angeles to Algeria.

The Secret

When he was 14, Scott Johnson’s father revealed he was a CIA operative, and so began a life-long journey to figure out his family’s secrets.

Ms. Manhattan

Women who worked at ‘Site X’ in the Appalachians were kept in a surreal, Orwellian world. Emma Garman on a new book that tells their stories.


When novelist James Lasdun found himself the victim of a stalker, he had no way to stop it. Emma Garman on his terrifying new memoir.