Emma Myers is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She has an MA in Film Studies from Columbia University and is a regular contributor to Film Comment and Indiewire.


The perseverant women of the Mad Men universe—its secretaries—provide one of the show’s more pointed critiques of chauvinism. Let’s raise a glass to the unheralded ladies.

Little Girl Blue

Before her roaring performance at the 1976 Montreaux Jazz Festival, Nina Simone was a star dimensioned by near bankruptcy and self-imposed exile. A new documentary asks What Happened, Miss Simone?


In Listen Up Philip, Jason Schwartzman plays a self-involved, unfiltered, and cantankerous artist who makes audiences go, ‘Wow, that guy is awful, but I see why girls like him.’

Funny Face

Twelve years after finishing the groundbreaking Koyaanisqatsi trilogy, Godfrey Reggio’s new documentary looks at what the human face—and the act of looking at human faces—tells us about ourselves.