Eric Dezenhall co-founded the communications firm Dezenhall Resources, Ltd., and serves as its CEO. His book, Damage Control, pioneered techniques for understanding and defusing crises. His forthcoming novel, The Devil Himself will be published by Thomas Dunne Books in July.

It might seem like the Media Information Vortex loves bad boys, but where are Mel Gibson, Christopher Lee, and other Johnny Flameouts now? Eric Dezenhall reports.

The company was vindicated recently against safety charges, but did anyone notice? Eric Dezenhall on the "crisis capitalists" that destroy companies—despite being wrong.

What good is vindication after obliteration? New reports that put Toyota and BP in a better light aren’t getting any traction. Eric Dezenhall reports on how the media unfairly jumps to attack companies—and then buries the news when the truth comes out.

It isn’t uncommon for a powerful man to be seduced by the Siren call of an investigative reporter—only to see the resulting article trash his reputation. PR expert Eric Dezenhall on General Stanley McChrystal’s obvious mistakes, from drinking during interviews to letting ego get in the way.

The company is spending $50 million to advertise its Gulf cleanup. Eric Dezenhall on their PR mistakes so far—and the valuable lessons to take from Exxon’s handling of the Valdez disaster.

BP is under fire for not responding fast enough to the catastrophe unfolding in the Gulf. Eric Dezenhall on how it will win in the long term—and why it will get more withering scrutiny than Exxon ever faced.

Targets in digital-age crises, like Tiger Woods and the Japanese automaker, are fighting a losing battle against media, lawmakers, and other crisis creators. Eric Dezenhall on how they can survive the wiki-like explosion of negative attention.