Fadel Lamen is a journalist, writer, and Middle East/North Africa expert and cultural adviser based in Washington. He is a frequent traveler to the Middle East and has been published in Arabic and English newspapers and magazines. He has also been interviewed by major media outlets in English and Arabic on issues related to the Middle East, Islam, and American foreign policy.

As America celebrated the bin Laden killing, the response in the Middle East was more equivocal. Fadel Lamen translates the thoughts of angry leaders, probing columnists and Internet jihadis.

The strike that killed the dictator’s youngest son came nowhere close to killing Gaddafi, says Fadel Lamen’s Libyan sources, who also cast doubt on whether grandchildren were killed.

With the Libyan resistance in retreat, opposition leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil tells The Daily Beast’s Fadel Lamen that his side needs a no-fly zone and a naval blockade to create a fair fight.

As both rebels and the Libyan dictator deny that a deal for his exit was proffered, a key insider reveals to Fadel Lamen the details of Gaddafi's offer—and the opposition's next move.

Assassins, coup attempts, Western sanctions, even a stroke—Muammar Gaddafi has survived them all for four decades. But the growing protests in Libya and his regime’s brutal response may put an end to his luck.