Filipa Ioannou is an intern at Newsweek/ Daily Beast and a Near Eastern Studies major at Princeton.


How’s your love life? Spreadsheets tracks users’ data to help boost performance in bed. By Filippa Iannou.


In the months since Edward Snowden leaked damaging national security information, his former employer has racked up lucrative new federal deals.


Detroit may be bankrupt, but the Big Three automakers based there had a fantastic month. So did the foreign car companies.


Fed up with low wages and the yawning gap between the pay of CEOs and the rank-and-file, line workers at fast food restaurants walked off job on Monday. Can protests reduce America’s appetite for cheap food and cheap workers?


Three years after BP’s disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was capped, funds continue to flood the region. Is the legal fallout providing a form of continuous stimulus?