After completing a degree in Economics at Bocconi University and landing a job in finance, at the ripe age of 23, Gio Arlotta realized there was more to life than the grayness found in a corporate office. Switching from numbers to letters, he moved to London where he completed a postgraduate course in journalism at the London School of Journalism, followed by a stint in publishing. After returning to Milan to work for a publishing house that paid very little, he decided to pursue his passion for underground music by starting a blog, called “Is Your Clam In A Jam?” It was through the blog that in 2014 he started a DIY video project capturing underground rock bands' performances on a VHS camera. In the summer of that year, he was invited on a cross-continental trip across Africa passing through Zambia where he met Jagari Chanda, lead singer of legendary Zambian Rock band WITCH, and started the path to documenting his life and bringing his music to the rest of the world as the film’s director and the band’s manager. When he’s not touring the world with the band he keeps exploring and experimenting with different video styles and working at the family farm in Northern Italy.


Gio Arlotta writes about his new documentary “We Intend to Cause Havoc,” chronicling his journey in search of Jagari, lead singer of Zambia’s most popular ’70s rock band, WITCH.