Heidi Cullen is the author of The Weather of the Future. She is a senior research scientist with Climate Central, a nonprofit research organization through which she reports on climate change for news outlets, including PBS NewsHour, Time.com, and The Weather Channel. She is a visiting lecturer at Princeton University, a member of the American Meteorological Society, and an associate editor of the journal Weather, Climate, and Society.

With Hurricane Irene expected to cost $13 billion, the U.S. has set a new record for the most billion-dollar weather-related disasters in a year. Scientist Heidi Cullen on why we should expect to pay more for weather going forward.

With Hurricane Earl striking the U.S. coast, Heidi Cullen assesses the 5 cities in the country most vulnerable to extreme weather and climate change. Is your home city on the list?

You better get used to hot, sticky summers like this one, says climatologist Heidi Cullen, who explains terrifying data of why the weather is only getting hotter and how our infrastructure can’t handle it.