Henry Krempels is a London based journalist and playwright. He writes for publications such as The New York Observer and The Guardian.


With Cairo still in turmoil and bombs exploding, writer Ahdaf Soueif shares her worries over the stifling of cultural life, her love for Naguib Mahfouz, and the power of the Nile.


Toronto is notorious these days for the antics of its mayor, Rob Ford, but there’s a quieter literary side to the city as novelist Sheila Heti reveals.

Northern Star

Welcome to the most literary country in the world: Iceland. Its current international star Sjón shares his favourite haunts, why he doesn’t believe in realism, and getting into politics.

The Way

One of the world’s best beautiful and charming cities is also the new home of novelist Taiye Selasi. She talks to Henry C. Krempels about her favourite haunts, why the city insipires her, and new writers not to be missed.

Etgar Keret

What makes Etgar Keret think of his home as a short story? He talks about his childhood, his Jewish identity, and his love of the beach.

Literary City

Russian detective novelist Boris Akunin, a leader of the opposition against Vladimir Putin, talks to Henry Krempels about abandoning fiction.

Brit Lit

From her cozy garden shed to her favorite medical museum, Booker Prize-shortlisted author Deborah Levy takes us on a tour of her city.

English Novelty

Dan Stevens, who plays Matthew Crawley on the hit show Downton Abbey, was one of the five judges who awarded novelist Hilary Mantel her second Man Booker Prize on Tuesday. Henry Krempels asks him about his crazy week, his reading load, and how the Downton costume department took pity on him and sewed a Kindle pocket into his jacket.