Itay Hod has been a broadcast and print journalist for 15 years. He's had stints at NY1, CBS News, MTV's Logo channel, TMZ and Fuse TV, to name a few. His articles have appeared in Salon Magazine, Albany Times Union, Out Magazine, Genre, and The Daily Beast.


Tal Kallai is a gay man who does drag, playing a coke-dealing and fast-talking transgender woman in ‘Marzipan Flowers.’ Don’t mind the bombing on set, that’s what happens when you film in a war zone.

Selling Experience

Want an authentic dinner with a local on your next vacation abroad, far from the overpriced tourist traps? EatWith—the latest in a parade of wildly popular Israeli startups—can help.

Unfiltered and Comfortable

Annie Lennox is back with ‘Nostalgia.’ While the musician adores Beyoncé, she doesn’t like how the word ‘feminism’ is being thrown around. Twerking is demeaning, she says.


Adam Kawalek went from Los Angeles to Gaza to try to relieve the suffering of the sick and wounded there. The experience changed his view of Israel’s policies.

Critical Care

Even simple kindness isn’t simple in the Middle East. A Gaza teenager’s cancer is in remission thanks to treatment at a Tel Aviv hospital, but his homeland is dying.

Hiding Out

On the run from their Palestinian families, living illegally in Israel—treated by both sides as the enemy—gays from the Palestinian territories can’t go home again.

Second Thoughts

A suicide bomber with cold feet, a road machinery operator with a vengeance and drive-by shooters have Israelis on edge.


The digital battlefield is full of surprises as efforts to terrify turn ludicrous, Israelis discover Palestinian friends, and gag orders crumble.

First Response

Red Alert, which alerts users every time a rocket is fired into Israel, has already been downloaded 780,000 times. It could give you peace of mind. Or it could make you hysterical.

The Right to Remain Sexy

He’s handsome, ridiculously buff, and armed with one of those toothpaste-commercial smiles. Chris Kohrs is the hot cop fighting crime in San Francisco’s historic gay neighborhood.