J. North Conway is a New England poet and author of a dozen books, including a quartet on New York City during the Gilded Age. Besides Queen of Thieves, the quartet includes King of Heists, named by Reader’s Digest as one of the top five books of the summer 2009 and optioned by Black Bear Pictures for a feature motion picture staring Jeremy Renner; The Big Policeman (2010) optioned by CBS for a television series; and Bag of Bones (2012).

Easy Money

He was wealthy, a member of New York City society, and a patron of the arts. And he was also the secret mastermind behind the biggest bank heists of his day.

Queen of Thieves

During the Gilded Age, the city’s first crime ring came into power under a leader who taught the best criminals, bribed those in power, and made a fortune. Meet ‘Marm’ Mandelbaum.