Jacqui Goddard is a freelance foreign correspondent for British national newspapers including The Times, Sunday Telegraph, and The Scotsman. Based in Florida since 2002, she has also written for publications including the South China Morning Post, The Australian, The Christian Science Monitor, The Globe and Mail (Canada), and has reported for BBC radio.


A millionaire businessman has spent 27 years in Florida prisons for double homicide but he says he was set up by a drug cartel and ignored by Miami’s corrupt justice system.

Balancing Act

The heir to a tightrope walking family has tried some crazy stunts in his day. But his planned attempt to walk over Chicagowhile blindfolded may be the craziest yet.

Ursa Major

Officials are worried about the sharp growth in human-bear interactions—and a vicious attack—in a state where the number of people has tripled. Can ‘bear-awareness’ keep the peace?


The primate objects! In a string of landmark cases to be filed this week, four chimpanzees will fight for the right to retire to sanctuaries. Could dolphins be next on the docket?

The man who shot Trayvon Martin allegedly choked his girlfriend, prompting a judge to ban him from weapons use. Prosectors say he has ‘nothing to lose’ and is a public threat.


The man who shot Trayvon Martin is sitting in the same jail he occupied before his July acquittal—this time for allegedly threatening his girlfriend with a shotgun.


The community where Trayvon Martin was shot 20 months ago gathered for a loaded debate on gun rules for Neighborhood Watch volunteers. Yet Zimmerman wasn't mentioned once.

In the Water

A crabber is Florida's latest casualty of the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio Vulnificus. Jacqui Goddard reports.


Trayvon Martin lived in Miami, but the black community of the town where he was killed sees him as one of their own.