Jaimie Etkin is an associate culture editor at Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

A-List Avengers

LL Cool J took matters into his own hands when a burglar broke into his home. From Patrick Dempsey (pulled a teen from a car wreck) to multiple savior Ryan Gosling (saved a woman from an NYC taxi and broke up a street fight), see more celebrities who double as real-life superheroes.

'Beavis and Butt-Head' Returns

Beavis and Butt-Head returned to MTV Thursday night, after nearly 15 years off the air. And their “heh-heh”/“huh-huh” laughter was just as grating. From Seth Rogen’s Butt-Head-channeling chuckle to Fran Drescher’s nasal guffaw, see which celebrities’ signature laughs are the most irritating.

Watch This!

From the return of How I Met Your Mother’s ‘Slutty Pumpkin’ to The Simpsons' take on The Shining to an even spookier than usual installment of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, see the best Halloween episodes TV has to offer as Oct. 31 approaches.

Kids Today

In one week, Lindsay Lohan’s probation was revoked, Shia LaBeouf got into a bar fight, and a Hannah Montana alum drove under the influence. See former members of the Mickey Mouse club who’ve gotten into trouble.


This weekend, Footloose gets a 21st-century remake, starring newcomer Kenny Wormald as Ren, Dancing With the Stars’s Julianne Hough as Ariel, and Dennis Quaid as the dance-phobic Reverend Moore. Find out what the stars who originated the roles on the big screen have been doing since its 1984 release.

X Factor

Can former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger pull off critiquing TV’s biggest competition ever? By Jaimie Etkin

Happy Accidents

From quitting drinking to getting texts from Charlie Sheen, read the best of the Emmy host’s new memoir. By Jaimie Etkin.