Jason Berry is is the producer and director of City of a Million Dreams, a documentary that explores the evolution of New Orleans through jazz funerals and is based on the book of the same title.

Mystery Man

Known for his mashups of fiction and fact, French author Emmanuel Carrère talks about his new book on St. Luke, an admiring but cool-eyed chronicler of Christ and St. Paul.

Folk Hero

Sunpie Barnes has been a pro linebacker, a park ranger, and an accordion player backing Paul Simon. Now he’s singing the praises of San Maló, a legendary runaway slave.


A junkie and ex-con, the late James Booker was also the epitome of Crescent City keyboard artistry. A new documentary captures him right down to his glittering eye patch.


Marcial Maciel, once the founder of the Catholic Church's most lucrative new order, died mired in a massive pedophilia scandal. Now his former number two is also being accused.

Wide Angle

Bill Ferris has taught a lot of people how to embrace Southern culture. He even co-edited an encyclopedia on the subject. Now he’s showing us what he loves in photographs.