Jason Lynch is the former TV editor of People magazine. 

Bad Timeline

Director Andrew Jarecki canceled long-scheduled interviews with The Daily Beast and The Tonight Show today. Is it because he can’t answer for discrepancies in the show’s timeline?


As Marvel’s Agent Carter comes to a close, the superhero factory’s TV honcho dishes on their slate of Netflix series and competing with DC for small-screen supremacy.


Ending a long-running hit TV series is no simple task. The creators of some of your most beloved shows weigh in on the tricky art of devising the long goodbye.


What started as a Breaking Bad writer’s room joke is now Better Call Saul. Vince Gilligan on the paralyzing fear of bungling a finale—and spinning off a successful show.


After killing off the dead wood and overhauling most characters, especially Keen and her wig, the show forgot its raison d’être: James Spader’s wonderful Red.


The ABC comedy, while still entertaining, stopped being groundbreaking long ago, and serves largely as comedy comfort food. Here’s how to fix it.

‘Do I Die?’

The Mother from How I Met Your Mother gets another shot at onscreen love in A to Z, the story of a romance that lasts for eight months, three weeks, five days and one hour.


She was the perfect Kim Kardashian: smirking and perpetually slow-motion posing for selfies, with a high-pitched, over-enunciated voice. What’s SNL going to do without Nasim Pedrad?


Don’t tell him, but Mark Harmon is a big deal. That’s what happens when you’re the star of NCIS, a drama with ratings that rival Sunday Night Football and The Big Bang Theory.