Jason Shams is an American–Iranian who has spent most of his life in Iran. He has worked as translator, interpreter, journalist, and political analyst in Iran for more than twenty years. He moved to the United States in November after being part of the Green Movement for months.

Read first-person accounts, directly from Iranians’ Facebook posts to their blogs, from before and after the protests.

The Daily Beast's Jason Shams—who spent months protesting in the streets of Tehran—monitors the latest unconfirmed dispatches from the opposition on blogs and Facebook.

From sabotaging loudspeakers to circumventing Internet firewalls, Jason Shams—who spent months fighting in the streets of Tehran—reveals some of the underground machinery that fuels the protests. Plus, Michael Adler on the race to stop Iran’s nuclear regime.

Jason Shams spent months protesting in Tehran. Now his friend Leily, 29, a photographer, has been missing since Sunday, when police were seen dragging her from her car.