Jeff is a Canadian author and journalist. He is mostly nomadic and lives out of a backpack. He's a drinker, motorcycle enthusiast and beard grower.


Panamanians are by far the biggest beer consumers in Latin America, but not when it comes to the good stuff. Will that all change with the rise of a new craft beer brewery?

La Catedral

In exchange for his surrender, the Colombian drug lord was allowed to build his jail—complete with a disco, jacuzzi, and waterfall. Now 23 years later, it's a home for the elderly.

Bootleg Magic

A scattered group of absinthe lovers are beginning to come together in the Paris of South America to make and drink the green fairy. There’s only one problem—it’s largely illegal.

Password , Please

They have no published addresses. Some are for members only, while others require a secret passcode. They are the hottest new trend in Argentinian nightlife—despite their best efforts.

Birth of ‘Ulysses’

Before Joyce, who died 73 years ago today, found fame and fortune and moved to Paris, he spent over a decade of sin-filled years in Trieste. I explored the town in his footsteps.

International Happy Hour

One bar in the former Yugoslavia has the distinct honor of straddling a disputed border. Enjoy a beer in two different countries…just don’t let the guards catch you crossing the line.

Drink Up

Something’s afoot in Paris, but it has nothing to do with kings or the bourgeoisie. The culprit: specialty beer. From microbrewers to bar owners, meet the people leading the uprising.