Jeffrey Robinson is the author of 26 books, including biographies, investigative non-fiction, and novels. His latest novel, Trump Tower. He also wrote several books on money laundering, including The Laundrymen, The Merger, and The Sink. He's also the author of The Takedown: A Suburban Mom, A Coal Miner’s Son, and the Unlikely Demise of Colombia’s Brutal Norte Valle Cartel.

Funny Money

Could the recent announcement by the NYSE that it’s launching a bitcoin price index mean that the virtual curency has finally found legitimacy? Pretty to think so but probably not.


Just when bitcoin was presumed dead after the Mt. Gox scandal, it rose from the ashes on Monday with the opening of Coinbase, a U.S.-based bitcoin exchange backed by the New York Stock Exchange. In an excerpt from his book, Robinson takes us inside the world of zealous bitcoin true believers.

Paperback Writer

Jeffrey Robinson, author of the new novel Trump Tower, picks his favorite throwback beach reads, those classic big summer books where big characters lived big stories