Jennifer L. Pozner is a media critic, public speaker, and the author of Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV. She is founder and executive director of Women in Media & News, a media analysis, education, and advocacy group, editor of the group blog WIMN’s Voices, and an adviser for the OWN documentary Miss Representation. She’s not a doctor… but she plays one on the internet in Reality Rehab with Dr. Jenn.

Rape Joke Fallout

On The Daily Show, Louis C.K. said the controversy over Daniel Tosh’s rape joke boils down to ‘a fight between comedians and feminists, which are natural enemies.’ Media critic Jennifer L. Pozner talks to nine comedians about C.K., Tosh, and whether feminism and comedy are natural combatants.

Reality Reconstruction

Any TV viewer with eyes has noticed The Bachelor’s and The Bachelorette’s persistent whiteness. Can a class-action lawsuit force the shows to become diverse? Jennifer L. Pozner reports .