Jessica Dawson is a former art critic for The Washington Post.

Innovative Canvas

You can’t hang them on your wall or loan them to a gallery. But that doesn’t mean Rafael Rozendaal’s Internet-based works aren’t art. For a relatively reasonable $6,500, you can own one.


At the 1964 World’s Fair, Andy Warhol unveiled the only public artwork he ever created. But just a few days later, he was asked to paint over it by none other than Governor Rockefeller.

‘New Film Stills’

The art world loves the star attention the actor brings so much so that it accepts his ‘art’ without much scrutiny. In his new exhibit, though, Franco goes a step too far.

Silent Collaborators

The Grand Palais's Bill Viola retrospective has one glaring omission: recognition of his wife’s substantial contributions to his work. It’s 2014—why are women still overlooked in the art world?


In a blatant act of vandalism, along with ruining the work of Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei, Miami artist Maximo Caminero soiled his own reputation.

Grab a Pencil!

In his most recent exhibit, conceptualist Pawel Althamer breaks down the barrier between artist and viewers and invites onlookers to help create a collective piece of art.

First Person

Sexually abused by her uncle at age 5, the author says it was even hard for her to believe what she said. It took decades for her to realize the truth.

New York

The Ace Hotel New York set a new standard for hotel design and innovation. The principals of design firm Roman and Williams discuss their collaboration with the late hotelier.