Jill Lawrence is an award-winning journalist who has covered every presidential election since 1988. Most recently, she was managing editor for politics and a national correspondent at National Journal. Her other positions have included senior correspondent and columnist for PoliticsDaily.com, national political correspondent for USA Today,  and national political writer at the Associated Press.

Flash Forward

A new documentary film on the first woman on a White House ticket is full of emotions Clinton should tap for 2016. They could help her make history.


Thanks to a seamless rollout of Obamacare in his state, Gov. Steve Beshear has become a shining light for national Dems wrestling with the health-care law and their own reelection bids.

Fan Club

Home-field advantage aside, Mitt Romney is better liked in the first primary state than virtually anywhere else. Jill Lawrence reports from Concord on why his message resonates there.