Joanna Eede is a writer and author who specializes in indigenous peoples, natural history, and travel. Her work has included tracking chimpanzees in Tanzania's Mahale rainforest, the migration of Nenets' people of Siberia, and the Moken sea gypsies of the Mergui archipelago.

Iconic Santorini

The beautiful island of Santorini is imbued with the history of some of the earliest civilizations. A new hotel allows visitors to live like those settlers…nestled in the cliffside.

Conservation Travel

Black rhinos are on the verge of extinction, but one safari and conservation company in Kenya is fighting to protect them and end poaching. All visitors are welcome to join the struggle.

The Nomadic Life

There's nothing like a remote trek through Morocco to help you find freedom and peace of mind…especially when the day ends with Berber whiskey and a delicious lamb tagine.


There’s nothing like a safari to get back to nature. But get out of the 4x4 and walk instead, insists Joanna Eede.