John Connolly is a former New York City detective turned journalist. He is a contributing editor for Vanity Fair magazine, and is currently finishing a book called The Sin Eater on disgraced and imprisoned Hollywood private investigator Anthony Pellicano.

Amid a lawsuit claiming the actor sexually harassed an assistant and kept sex slaves, veteran Seagal chronicler John Connolly on the Lawman star's long history of bad behavior.

As Annie Le’s fellow students mourn her with vigils, police are sizing up a suspect with defensive wounds, suggesting the petite 24-year-old—whom a friend describes as tougher than people thought—put up a brutal fight to save herself.

The wonder of the U.S. Open is that, like New York itself, anything can happen, as John Connolly discovered this weekend, reminiscing about Arthur Ashe – and witnessing Melanie Oudin take on Maria Sharapova.