John M. Ackerman is a professor at the Institute for Legal Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, editor in chief of the Mexican Law Review, and a columnist for Proceso magazine and La Jornada newspaper. His website is

The Walmart bribery scandal is a fresh example of the U.S. double standard toward its southern neighbor. John M. Ackerman on the latest cross-border outrage.

As if America isn’t mired in enough wars, the president apparently thinks the rule of law stops at the Rio Grande. John M. Ackerman on America’s bizarre—and dangerous—decision to violate the Mexican constitution.

As Mexico's president visits Washington, tensions are flaring south of the border over drug violence and the economy—and much of the rage is directed at the U.S. John M. Ackerman on how Obama can defuse the crisis.

State dinners are nice, but Obama has spent too much time cozying up to Mexico’s ineffectual authoritarian leader and his cronies—and not enough time helping Mexicans.