John Sifton is a private investigator and attorney based in New York City. His firm, One World Research, carries out research for law firms and human rights groups, including in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. He has conducted extensive investigations into the CIA interrogation and detention program.

New documents on enhanced interrogation techniques suggests the Bush administration did not seek proper legal clearance to grill detainees.

Why is the Obama administration using heavy, retro-Bush era blackouts in a newly released CIA report? John Sifton combs through hundreds of pages for clues about the spread of torture and the marquee names who okayed it six years ago.

As the former vice president takes the stage Thursday morning—at the same time as Obama—The Daily Beast's John Sifton on what to look out for, from defending interrogations to rehashing dubious claims about how they kept us safe.

The Justice Department may not be prosecuting the torture-memo writers, but John Sifton asks, what about those who killed an estimated 100 detainees during interrogations?

Obama ruled out most prosecutions of CIA officers who participated in torture. But there are plenty of people left to investigate, John Sifton writes, and plenty of creative ways to do it.

As the CIA digs in against criminal prosecutions, Obama must decide: Does he alienate the agency or push for justice?

Why doesn’t Leon Panetta want the CIA investigated or prosecuted for torture allegations? Maybe because some of the men implicated, John Sifton reports, are the ones advising him.