Jon Favreau is the former chief speechwriter for President Obama.


Taking Down Rubio: Easier Than You Think

The Florida senator might look like the strongest GOP presidential nominee on the surface, but he’s vulnerable—because his moderate style doesn’t match his extreme policies.

Graduation Day

3 Pieces of Advice for the Class of 2014

Eleven years after delivering the valedictory address as a graduating senior, Obama’s former speechwriter returned to his alma mater to speak to the Class of 2014. Read the full speech.


Writing the State of the Union

The president puts in back-to-back 2 a.m. nights rewriting his speech to make it “sing” and hopefully sway Congress. A former speechwriter shares what it’s like inside the White House.

Not a Mistake

Why Obamacare’s Worth Fighting For

Obama’s taken responsibility for and apologized to those who got cancellation notices. But he should never be sorry for passing a law to bring us affordable health care.

Fight the Crazy

The Tea Party Is the Problem

It’s de rigueur to decry ‘partisanship’ as Washington’s ‘real problem.’ Let’s get real—the most destructive force in American politics today is the Tea Party, says Jon Favreau.