Jordan Salcito is a veteran sommelier with a decade spent in the dining rooms of James Beard and World’s 50 Best recognized Eleven Madison Park and Momofuku. Salcito is the founder of organic Italian grapefruit wine spritzer Ramona and also Bellus Wines.

Drink Up

The repercussions of the Napa earthquake may go beyond toppled barrel rooms and a disrupted tourist season. It may also affect the style and taste of the smaller winemakers' product.

An Apple a Day

Most ciders have gotten a bad rap as being too sweet and fruity. But that’s starting to change. Case in point—a Normandy estate that is making cider that rivals the area's fine wine.

World Heritage Site

The Burgundy winegrowers are on a mission, one that’s lasted seven years: to become an official World Heritage Site. They have the history, the culture, and some damn fine wine.


The Mosel region once produced some of Europe’s premier wine. But vine disease, war, and bad laws changed all that. Now a new crop of vintners is trying to bring the area back.