Jose Pagliery is a political investigations reporter at The Daily Beast. He’s earned four Emmys for his on-camera work and has frequently discussed his exposés on CNN, MSNBC, and NPR. He welcomes tips from confidential sources—whom he fiercely protects. Pagliery obtained private Venmo transactions and a confession letter that shed light on Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz’s sex trafficking scandal. He reverse-engineered a federal investigation to reveal ICE’s use of controversial spy technology to hunt down undocumented immigrants in Brooklyn. And he exposed lethal manufacturing flaws in the Sig Sauer P320 pistol used by police departments worldwide. He also documented a concerted effort by right-wing politicians and sheriffs to tarnish the reputations of democratically elected prosecutors in Florida. Pagliery has broken news on the many cases against former President Donald Trump and his associates. In Georgia, he uncovered a covert GOP mission to infiltrate a rural county’s election computers, which sparked federal subpoenas and led to criminal indictments against those involved in the scheme. In Manhattan, he documented the challenges faced by prosecutors investigating the former president. And in Florida, he explored how Trump landed a friendly federal judge and her controversial rulings. Pagliery consistently broke news about Trump’s bank fraud trial in New York. Call or text with a tip: (305) 814-3006. Or send an email: or