Joshua DuBois is the author of The President’s Devotional: The Daily Readings that Inspired President Obama and Stories of Faith in the White House. He led the White House faith-based initiative in Obama’s first term.


African Americans will continue soldiering on in the wake of the Charleston massacre. But if we’re serious about preventing future tragedies, we must confront some very old demons.

Tipping Point

‘I can’t breathe’ may be the slain man’s famous last words, but what he said a few moments before also has a special resonance for me and millions: ‘I’m tired of it. It stops today.’

Tough As Nails

Her critics plainly do not know her. To work for Jarrett is to discover someone who listens and someone who expects nothing less than the very best.


Low African American voter turnout helped create Ferguson’s mostly white government. Black leaders nationwide are using that fact to get their constituents to the polls.


The outgoing attorney general talks about his ‘signature achievement,’ his vicious opponents, and why he isn’t done yet: ‘I don’t just want to give speeches.’

Universal Acclaim

Once named the most influential rabbi in America, David Saperstein has forged strong bonds with America’s religious groups—who are thrilled to see him nominated as Obama’s ambassador for religious freedom.