Kapil Komireddi, an Indian journalist, has written from South Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. 

Forget Kim Jong Un—lately, the bigwigs in Beijing have been heaping praise on Aleksandr Lukashenko, the man Condoleezza Rice once nicknamed “Europe’s last dictator.”

As the West quietly turns away from Tibet for closer ties with China, young Tibetans are exchanging the Dalai Lama’s gospel of non-violence for more desperate measures.

In 1971, the U.S. abetted a genocide in Bangladesh—and it’s now siding with the radical Islamist culprits, who are fomenting the country’s latest political crisis.

Global Views

From the catastrophe unfolding in Pakistan to a great novel about Yugoslavia, here are 10 books about the rest of the world that deserve your attention writes Kapil Komireddi.


The island nation’s president is set to take the reins of the Commonwealth of Nations—but critics say he’s presided over a reign of terror at home.