Katarina Andersson is a New York-based freelance reporter for Swedish Broadcasting. She previously hosted a popular radio talk show in Sweden and covered politics, economy, and arts for numerous Scandinavian media outlets in the U.S. She lives in Brooklyn with her son.

New details—and photos—of the $2.3 million paparazzi-proof mansion the ex Mrs. Tiger Woods is renovating on a Swedish island. Katarina Andersson reports from Sweden on Elin’s post-divorce plans.

Cheers swept over Elin Nordegren's native land when her divorce from Tiger Woods was finalized. Katarina Andersson reports from Sweden on its tradition of strong women, bafflement at the huge payout—and pride that Elin walked away.

How is the media in Elin's home country covering the Tiger Woods scandal? By calling for its native daughter to “swing it again.” Katarina Andersson on why the sex scandal is enraging the Swedes.

Finally some Europeans are angry with Obama—the very ones who are awarding him his Nobel. Katarina Andersson on the president's decision to decline lunch with King Harald and skip his own Nobel exhibit.