Kathleen Parker is a syndicated columnist with the Washington Post Writers Group and author of Save the Males.

Now that Jenny Sanford is divorcing her fumbling husband, Kathleen Parker says she should take her class-act to elected office. Plus, the messiest political breakups.  

John Ensign admitted this week that his parents paid off his mistress. The Daily Beast’s Kathleen Parker wonders how exactly the senator hit up his aging parents for money.

The cheating governor—and his impractical, impossible love for a woman thousands of miles away—is the kind of tragic, heart-swelling tale that storybook romances are made of.

Coming soon to a Statehouse near you: After South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's disappearing act, Kathleen Parker muses on the attention-grabbing strategies the other 2012 Republican contenders are plotting.

Whatever Elizabeth Edwards tells Oprah, she was her husband's co-conspirator in his reckless pursuit of power, and now she's cashing out on the whole sorry spectacle.

After 100 days, I think I’ve figured it out. Obama is Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. (Muhammad Ali to the more recently born.) Always above the fray, he floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.

The former vice president is shaking up abortion politics by funding stem cell research that doesn't involve embryos. That's creating some strange new bedfellows.

The formerly cool president could have given a reasoned response to a question about legalizing pot. Instead, he was dismissive and insulted his stoner constituency.

What drove evangelical multimillionaire Howard Ahmanson—the man behind Prop 8—away from the Republicans? It wasn't Sarah Palin. He talks to The Daily Beast’s Kathleen Parker.