Katty Kay is the Washington Correspondent for BBC World News America. She is the author, along with Claire Shipman, of Womenomics: Write Your Own Rules for Success. Kay has covered Washington since 1996 and is a contributor on "Meet the Press", "Larry King Live", "The Chris Matthews Show" and a regular guest host for Diane Rehm on NPR.

America’s reaction to the Pan Am bomber’s release has been radically different than Britain’s, showing just how wide the trans-Atlantic gulf remains on attitudes about justice.

Women are the hottest business commodity around: They’re better educated than men, and companies that employ more women make more money. Womenomics authors Claire Shipman and Katty Kay say we should look for a “pink lining” to the recession.

Yes, Obama killed at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. But he didn't manage to improve the mise-en-scene of the D.C. bash, in which politicos mingled uneasily with Demi Moore, Howard Stringer got stiffed, and the food once again tasted terrible.

Her Majesty will receive the president in London tomorrow. Here’s what he needs to know. Call her “ma’am.” Compliment the dogs. And, please, Mr. President, don’t bring any damn DVDs.

The Obama administration shouldn’t waste its time on bonus scandals from 2008. It should focus on fixing the banks in 2009—and beyond.

The financial problems plaguing the US and Europe aren’t that different—but on a recent visit, Katty Kay finds Europeans less obsessed with financial ruin. Is it the social-welfare system, or the wine?

Obama can expand health care. He can even nationalize the banks. But the BBC’s Katty Kay says that won’t even come close to making us the European-style state Americans abhor.