South Africa

The Blade Runner athlete was back in court today as neighbors testified about arriving at the crime scene minutes after Reeva was shot to find the athlete in a frantic state.

Neverending Trial

On the case’s final day before a two-week break, the defense’s most recent witness was ripped apart by prosecutors, who seriously questioned his credibility.

South Africa

In court today, Oscar Pistorius read aloud a whimsical card that his girlfriend intended to give him on the night he shot and killed her.

Day 22

His laser-like focus once brought him medals, but on Day 22 of the South African’s murder trial, it was clearly undermining his case—and highlighting his testimony’s inconsistencies.

Day 21

He broke down sobbing again—but that didn’t save the Paralympian from being called a liar in a brutal session with the state prosecutor on Day 21 of his murder trial Friday.


Between sketchy Whatsapp messages and mysteriously moved household items, the prosecution won’t rest until even the little things make a big difference.

Courtroom Drama

The prosecution pounded Oscar Pistorius with a withering cross-examination today, forcing him to confront a picture of Reeva Steenkamp moments after her death.

South Africa

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius broke down in court once again during his turn on the witness stand, as he remembered the night that he shot his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.