Kelsey Meany is a former intern at Newsweek/The Daily Beast.

Personal Foul

An attorney for accused Florida player Treon Harris tore into the female student who alleges she was sexually assaulted, with details that won’t ever go away—even if they’re not true.


With an unsettling end to season eight, ‘Criminal Minds’ is back in its ninth season with even more criminals to make you paranoid while walking home alone at night.


A partnership between the Agriculture Department and a Chinese e-commerce company lets Chinese consumers buy fresh fruit directly from the Pacific Northwest. Demand is high.

‘Awfully Good’

Grumpy Cat, the feline Internet celebrity, is testing the limits of licensing success with a new coffee line.

Pampered With Poo

New York’s Shizuka Spa is getting a lot of attention for its use of nightingale droppings in a facial treatment. Kelsey Meany finds out what the hype is all about.