Colonel Ken Allard (US Army, Ret.) is a draftee who eventually served on the West Point faculty, as Dean of the National War College and as a NATO peacekeeper in Bosnia. He wrote the military review of the U.S. engagement in Somalia. His most recent book, Warheads: Cable News and the Fog of War, is a memoir of his ten years as an on-air military analyst with NBC News.

Who was minding the store when 92,000 classified military logs were purloined? Retired Army Col. Ken Allard analyzes this and three other troubling conundrums—including whether the leaker should pay the ultimate price.

After the confirmation lovefest comes the hard part: Making progress in a region that hasn’t seen a military success since Genghis Khan. Retired Col. Ken Allard on the obstacles ahead for Petraeus.

The Obama administration’s decision to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell shows how little civilians respect the military. Ken Allard on the danger of the repeal.

As the Navy and Marines arrive in Haiti to bring relief, Ret. Army Col. Ken Allard on where to land the choppers, how to police without invading, and lessons of disaster relief missions past.

If President Obama wants to protect America from terrorist attacks, he should begin by dismantling the gigantic bureaucracies we’ve built to fight it—and empowering the locals.

Two preventable attacks in two months show how we’ve forgotten the lessons of 9/11. Col. Ken Allard on how communication failures kill.

The speech wasn’t bad. But Obama failed to inspire, let alone satisfy. Ken Allard asks: Whatever happened to “pay any price, bear any burden?”

As the Pentagon probes what happened at Fort Hood and Obama readies for a fresh surge in Afghanistan, retired Col. Ken Allard asks the hard questions the Army needs to put to Muslim soldiers.